Wines made from Riesling and Pinot Noir with the designation GROSSES GEWÄCHS stand for top wines in the dry segment that are characterized by exceptional ageing potential.

They are produced based on strict criteria

  • Exclusively from classified, best steep or steep slopes
  • Permitted grape varieties: Riesling or Pinot Noir
  • Harvest quantity limited to 50 hectoliters per hectare, fluctuations due to weather conditions are possible
  • Grape quality must meet the legal requirements for Auslese quality (Riesling: 88° Oechsle / Pinot Noir: 90° Oechsle)
  • Selective hand-picking
  • The wines are matured gently and traditionally by hand; Pinot Noir: aged in wooden barrels for at least 12 months
  • Must be matured dry
  • Strict sensory testing by a neutral eight-member expert commission
  • May be marketed from 01.09. of the following year (Riesling) or from 01.09. of the 2nd following year (Pinot Noir)
  • The RING logo must appear on the bottle

When registering a site that has not yet been classified, a wine from this site is put forward for GG tasting for several years. During this phase, the wine may not yet be marketed as a GROSSES GEWÄCHS. The GG commission inspects the vineyard and decides on the classification of the site based on the inspection and the tasting results.