Pinot Noir, or Spätburgunder, is one of the most important red wine varieties in Germany. Originally from Burgundy, it has developed remarkably in the German wine-growing regions and has also rightly found its place in our Moselle region.

With its multi-layered aromas and ageing potential, Pinot Noir offers an impressive spectrum of flavour nuances. Here on the Moselle, Pinot Noir finds ideal conditions to develop its potential. The steep slopes and cool climate of the region characterise the wines. The climate and the slate soils ensure that the grapes ripen slowly and evenly, allowing lively acidity and mineral notes to develop alongside the fine fruit flavours. The Pinot Noir finds an excellent expression here with fine elegance and delicate transparency.

The RING wineries rely on traditional cultivation methods and gentle processing to preserve the characteristics of Pinot Noir. Hand-picking, gentle pressing and ageing in wooden barrels are key elements of this process.

Since the 2021 vintage, Pinot Noir has also been authorised as a GROSSES GEWÄCHS alongside Riesling.