The vineyards of the Moselle region are not only characterized by breathtaking beauty, but also by a unique treasure - slate. This was formed around 400 million years ago in the Devonian period and forms the basis for our exceptional wines and a landscape that significantly shapes the image of the region.

Slate soils enable optimal drainage thanks to their thin layers of weathering. However, vines have to root deep to find water and nutrients. In general, wines from soils with a high rock content are more compact in body and more defined in fruit than wines from sandy or heavy loess-loam soils. But not all slate is the same. The different types characterize our wines - especially Riesling - in different ways.

In around half of our vineyard sites on the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer, the vines are rooted in dark blue to gray slate. The soils of dark clay slate - Devonian slate, blue slate and blue-grey slate - consist of lime-free, clayey loam with a high stone content. These soils are characterized by rapid water absorption and store heat effectively.

Wines from these soils are extremely long-lived, never superficial, but delicate with precise fruit and finesse. In our Rieslings from dark slate, a minerality - characterized by the idea of flint and rock flour - clearly resonates and gives our wines an incomparable sustainability and elegance.

Gray slate soils consist of calcareous slate. The heat balance of these soils is favorable. The high lime content primarily changes the chemical properties and improves the nutrient supply. These soils produce dense but precise wines with rather opulent fruit and fresh fruit acidity. However, mineral notes are always present, creating an interesting, complex interplay.

At around 16 percent, red slate characterizes only a small part of our vineyards. This is Hunsrück slate from the Devonian period, which received its red coloring through extensive weathering processes. The softer red slate produces deeper and loamier soils with a lower stone content than the solid dark slate. Our red slate wines are characterized by strong, spicy flavours, accompanied by a fresh acidity. Their aging potential is impressive.