Membership of our association is subject to a strict admission procedure and regular sensory tests. Since 1899, the requirements for membership have been linked to fixed criteria: "the type of grape varieties, the quality of the vineyards, the careful cultivation of the vineyards with particular attention to Riesling in the steep slate slopes and the quality of the wines".

Today, after 125 years, these principles are still fully valid and can be checked by the management every five years as part of a quality control process. We attach great importance to ensuring that our quality standards for the RING wineries and their wines are met.

The steep slopes of the Moselle enable us to produce individual top wines. They should show personality, reflect the terroir as well as the winemaker's signature. Wherever manual work leads to higher quality, we prefer it to mechanization.

Particularly strict requirements and production criteria apply to our top segment, special wines that bear the designation GROSSES GEWÄCHS. These Grand Cru wines made from Riesling or Pinot Noir come from the best steep vineyards and are characterized by a good structure and exceptional ageing potential. The harvest quantity is limited to 50 hl/ha. In addition, selective hand-picking and strict sensory testing by a neutral expert commission are mandatory.

Numerous top ratings and awards in wine guides and at national and international competitions attest to the high quality level of the RING wineries. The convincing qualities can be experienced at the large RING presentation, at Prowein and at the traditional auction in the fall. Here, wine lovers have the opportunity to bid for the finest wines of the current vintage as well as selected rarities. To ensure that only the best wines go under the hammer, they are tasted twice beforehand by a jury of experts.