24 July 2023

A new concept for the auction has emerged from good friendships between the Ring wineries and top producers from other wine-growing regions. The Ring has invited four wineries to sell special wines at the traditional auction. The invitation is also valid for the coming years and the following wineries will be offering exclusive wines at the auction from 2023:

  • Winery Bertram-Baltes from Dernau/ Ahr
  • AdamsWein from Ingelheim/ Rheinhessen
  • Winery Chat Sauvage from Geisenheim/ Rheingau
  • Winery Jakob Schneider from Niederhausen/ Nahe

Every year, the members of the RING auction selected wines at the Riesling Auction in Trier. Wine enthusiasts from all over the world take advantage of this unique opportunity to bid for top wines from the current vintage, as well as selected vintages and rarities. Anyone can bid, whether a retailer, restaurateur or private individual. The auction is handled by recognised commission agents. This year it will take place on 16.09.2023.