Our family wine estate Albert KALLFELZ is located in Zell-Merl, one of the oldest wine places of the Mosel. We have been producing high quality wines for over 100 years. That’s why all processes at the estate interlock like cogs in a finely tuned machine. The estate is run by Albert Kallfelz, with the help of his family and a great team, team Kallfelz.

Today we own approximately 60 ha of vineyard, a great proportion of which lies on steep slopes rich in minerals. These are some of the best sites in the world , where Riesling thrives to produce uniquely distinctive wines with fine fruit and great mineral character. With a 90% share Riesling is by far the most important variety in our vineyards. Weissburgunder and Rivaner make up the rest.

“We must show utmost respect for the slate, which gives our wines their character and strength” is only one of many principles team Kallfelz holds in high esteem. The reward for our joint efforts are many medals, prizes and awards at genuine, independent and transparent wine competitions.

Our motto is “for individualists by individualists”. It expresses our conviction that good wine can only be produced with much care and great endeavour. The steep slopes of slate are the unique foundation for inimitable, characterful wines. The preservation of old Riesling vines as well as new plantings on the arduous, yet singular slate soils are the basis for great wines with exceptional minerality.


Der Feinschmecker
4 stars
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