For ten generations Riesling has been the foundation of our family and its wine estate. First documented evidence goes back to the year 1680 and since then, if not even before, our family has been making and growing wine in Zeltingen without interruption at the Middle Mosel.

Alfred Gessinger has the experience of 40 years work in the vineyard and the cellar and has passed on his enthusiasm to his daughter Sarah, who took over as owner in 2013, continuing the family tradition.

Quality doesn’t happen by chance…

Quality, not quantity, is our credo! That is why we have not interfered with the soil in our vineyards for the last 35 years. We trust the earth and the vines to flourish as an ecological unit, drawing on decomposed organic material and the work of microorganisms for nourishment.

This philosophy continues in the cellar: We are only there to assist in achieving optimum results. Every Fuder (cask) is left get on with its own individual fermentation carried out by the naturally ambient yeasts. This is the only way to develop the specific aromas inherent to the respective sites. Give time, take time: Every individual cask gets exactly the time it needs to unfold its quality – with economical aspects frequently only a secondary consideration.

Sarah Gessinger manages to combine the knowledge of her ancestors with modernity. Her collection makes her one of this year's rising stars on the Moselle. The winemaker shows how to make modern Moselle wines.
Gault&Millau 2020
The winery has a long tradition, but has reinvented itself under the management of Sarah Gessinger.
Eichelmann 2023
Guardian of the old vines.


Winzerin des Jahres
2020 & 2023 (edelsüße Weine)
3 stars
Gault & Millau
3 stars
2 stars
Bester Rotwein Deutschlands < 15 €
Vinum: Place 3 - 2018 Pinot Noir** Reserve trocken- feinherb
Weinempfehlung Auswärtiges Amt
Caldo Infernale® Riesling Auslese 2018 & 2021