"With sensitivity the heart shows spirit” , this line from one of the works of the first Nobel prize winner for literature, Sally Prudhomme, encapsulates the philosophy of our family. In 175 years of winegrowing at our estate we have never done anything because we had to, but always because we wanted to do it: Traditional, tireless quest for quality with heart and mind.

The results were not merely agreeable products, but sophisticated, authentic and pioneering wines, resistant to trends and fashions. They are made for discerning wine lovers who have always appreciated this quality and who have joined us on our path in ever increasing numbers. We hold their critical appraisal and their friendship in high esteem.

The wines of the estate are marked by opulent aromas.
The wines from the Richard Richter estate appeal to wine lovers and celebrities alike because of their successful combination of natural purity, exquisite taste and quality.