We bring the taste of the vineyard to the bottle. Ernst-Josef and Werner Kees have been managing this 300 year-old wine estate for the last 25 years with plenty of experience and know-how. The philosophy behind our business is to combine tradition and information. The precipitous slopes of Middle Mosel are cultivated with arduous manual labour, which requires total commitment, love of wine and respect for nature. It is this philosophy that allows us to craft top wines with finesse, elegance and perfect balance from this region with its exceptional microclimate. Our portfolio ranges from filigree dry wines to noble sweet Trockenbeerenauslesen marked by a fine botrytis note.

The commitment and craftsmanship of Ernst-Josef and Werner Kees has been rewarded with countless state honour prizes and they have also twice won the top producer award of Germany’s foremost Riesling competition held by national wine magazine Vinum.

Tradition does not mean to preserve the ashes but to pass on the flame.
Ricarda Huch
For many years now we have tasted classic Mosel Riesling of the highest calibre.
The range of dry and off-dry (feinherb)Riesling is absolutely reliable, and when you get to the wines with residual sugar, they offer exquisite drinking pleasure, particularly the wonderful Spätlesen.
The wines are primarily vinified in Fuder (large wooden) casks. They’re always very juicy and racy, even opulent when you get to the noble sweet wines.
Eichelmann, 4.5 stars


3.5 stars
Der Feinschmecker
3.5 stars
4 stars
Gault & Millau
2.5 stars
Großer Staatsehrenpreis
2012, 2007
20x seit 1992
Top 100 - Weingüter in Deutschland
gelistet seit 1992