The Ehlen family has been running the estate for 350 years now. A few years ago Stephan Ehlen retired and passed on ownership of the estate to Helma Justen, wife of Stefan Justen. Graduate wine technician and co-owner Stefan Justen has gained national and international recognition with his wines for many years now. Stephan Ehlen still has a hand in making the wines and helps out whenever required. In addition to wine, the estate has also been making grape brandy since 1932.

Gentle vinification ensures high quality, less is more. Only where absolutely necessary do we use the help of technology, but most of all wine needs to be given time to develop and mature. Separate vinification of different parcels, natural fining and temperature-controlled fermentation are the pre-requisites for special wines. Individuality, edges and idiosyncrasies are part of the make-up of our wines, as are elegance and diversity. These are the reasons why our wines develop well and have great aging potential.

Everything has gone well when you manage to get more or less 100% of the quality of the harvested fruit into the bottle.

Highlight of the collection is a wonderfully pure Beerenauslese, harmonious, and with excellent structure and freshness.
Eichelmann, 2 stars
Particularly the fresh and elegant Spätlesen represent the classic Mosel style.
Gault&Millau 2013


2 stars
Gault & Millau
2 stars
Gold, 1995
1999, 1998, 1996, 1995
Top 100 - Betriebe in Deutschland
Place 32