Wine is our life - Riesling our passion. Together we live, work and enjoy every day at the Walter Winery. Our joy in our profession and the pursuit of top wines keep us on the move every day. The interplay between old and young, caution and dynamism, tradition and modernity is an important impulse for the further development of our winery.

As a small family winery, we have all the screws in our own hands to optimize wine quality. Starting with a low pruning level of the vines, removing excess shoots, defoliating the grape zone by hand, and green harvesting in the fall.

The majority of our vines are cultivated in vineyards with a slope of up to 55°. In combination with the slate soils, this forms the foundation for distinctive, elegant Rieslings with a strong character. The heat storage capacity of the slate is a unique phenomenon here. The absorbed solar energy can be released to the vines during the night or during colder hours.

In addition, there is a great diversity of plants and creatures in our vineyards. The richer and more diverse the life there, the healthier and more resistant the vine will grow. That is why we treat our soils very gently: we fertilize exclusively with compost, straw and other organic material, thereby increasing soil fertility.

Greening the soil with wild herbs also promotes plant diversity in the vineyard. These plants provide nutrients for our vines and they reduce the susceptibility of the monoculture vine to pests and diseases. Nature helps itself when the balance of beneficial insects and pests is right.

You can taste the difference!

The collection is coherent and convincing and we conclude as last year: keep an eye on it!


2.5 stars