Through reduced yields, controlled fermentation and reduced filtration, our Peter Neu-Erben winery produces wines that reflect the character of the vineyards and retain the full flavor and aroma of the grapes, resulting in particularly fine, fruity wines.

For over 250 years, we can proudly look back on a long tradition of winegrowing on the steep slate slopes of the Saar valley. The cellar work is also very traditional: old tradition with new ideas is the recipe for producing Rieslings that impress with their straightforwardness and pronounced fruit. Our house label, which is all about St. Martin, was chosen by our great-grandfather and founder Peter Neu in reference to the church of St. Martin (Saardom) directly opposite.

The wine estate Peter Neu-Erben has been awarded numerous medals by the Chamber of Commerce of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and is a member of Moselwein e.V. and the Saar-Obermosel tourist organisation.