It is our philosophy with regard to both vineyard and cellar management to work with the respective vintage as provided by nature, to respect the intricacies of the variety and to express the distinctive character of our individual sites. Wine is not a product the character of which can be predetermined, one has to let it grow and develop. Wine means constant change and fascinating uncertainty. With every harvest we try to understand and interpret nature.

The wine estate Andreas Schmitges has been certified by both “ServiceQualität Deutschland” and “Qualitätsbetrieb Mosel Weinkulturland” as a recognised quality producer. We are listed as one of Germany’s leading wine estates by the following wine guides: Gault Millau, WeinPlus, Feinschmecker, Vinum and Eichelmann.

We are continuing to increase the proportion of large wooden casks in order to further improve the structure and aging potential of our wines. A particular speciality is the vinification of our Great Growths (Grosse Gewächse) in granite tanks.

This is how, depending on the respective vintage, we manage to craft up to 12 different Riesling wines from the massive uninterrupted rock surface between Ürzig and Kinheim. You can only do this on the Mosel!

For his fruity and noble sweet wines Andreas Schmitges has been awarded international recognition, but his dry and off-dry wines should not be underestimated either.