The winery

The history of the wine-growing families Alois Clüsserath and Clemens Eifel begins already in the 18th century in the local chronicle of Trittenheim. This is how the winery got its present name, documented by documents dating back to 1745.

It remained in the family for seven generations until 2019, when Gerhard Eifel handed over the small, exclusive winery to our family. With our wines we offer the inclined connoisseur limited unique specimens from world-class vineyards, grown under strict observance and protection of natural resources.


Viticulture has been practised on these slopes since Roman times. In 2019, my family and I acquired this small, exclusive winery in pursuit of our passion. A family business by conviction, we pool all our knowledge to take the freedom together to create wines the way we like them. Elegant, origin-orientated and timeless. It is important to take the time to face the challenges of the elements in order to bring out the character of the grape variety and the vineyard with the greatest possible care. Every vintage is therefore different and inspires us anew every time. Their complexity provides pleasure for many years to come. These are wines that tell our story.Translated with (free version)

(...) the wines of Gerhard Eifel are classic Mosel Rieslings - young, sometimes inaccessible, with increasing maturity wonderfully elegant and animating (...) the style of the house can be tasted in every wine.
Eichelmann 2012


4 stars
Der Feinschmecker
2.5 stars
Gault & Millau
4 stars